The best Cryptocurrency portfolio according to Bitboy Crypto

In a recent video, BitBoy reveals what the best portfolio to have in 2021 looks like according to him. He notes that this can be done with any investment, whether it’s $50.000, $5.000 or $500

BitBoy Crypto best crypto portfolio to become a millionair crashcoursecrypto

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Firstly your portfolio will need to exist of 25% Bitcoin, he explains that having the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin right now can be compared to investing in Manhattan real estate in the 1800’s.

Next up, another 25% of your portfolio will be invested into the top 10 or so coins, BitBoy is a fan of smart-contract platforms, according to him, Polkadot, Ethereum and Cardano are a necessity & these will be THE alt coins that will end up owning the majority of the market. 10% of your remaining wallet goes into Ethereum, 8% goes into Cardano and the other 7% goes into Polkadot.

Bitboy notes that 50% of the portfolio has already been allocated, and the remaining 50% will be split in down to 5 sections of 10% each. 

‘’But you have to understand that sometimes you have to invest in trends, and we will do that in this portfolio as well, but some of our portfolio has to be allocated to the future, things that you feel very confident in that will be around 10 years from now.

‘’The first 10% will be allocated to other coins in the top 25. This gives us room to pick some big winners that have stability but also fierce upside’’

There are some coins with potential in this category, BitBoy believes. However he has decided to choose his two favorite coins which are VeChain and Chainlink. Chainlink is the leader of the oracle space and VeChain is the leader of the supply chain tracking space. 10% goes into these two coins of which 6% to Chainlink and 4% to Vechain.

The next 10% will be going to DeFi. Decentralized Finance is the future of money and this could be a long-term play he says. 4% goes to AAVE and 6% goes to Synthetix. AAVE has already pumped a little harder than Synthetix so it may have a little more room to grow that’s why BitBoy has split a little more money into Synthetix.

‘’Next we definitely want exposure to the NFT market. While the cards, art and digital collectibles themselves may be already in some type of bubble, I certainly do not believe that the cryptocurrencies and blockchains themselves are in a bubble yet, so we want BIG exposure here’’

BitBoy allocates 8% into ERN and 2% into CHZ

We now have invested 80% of our wallet and have 20% more to allocate.

Another 10% will be invested into more smart-contract platforms, while Polkadot, Cardano and Ethereum are three major players BitBoy believes there is still room for competition. 4% is moved into Elrond/Egold, 3% into ATOM and 3% into SOL.

Finally 10% will be allocated to APY finance and Frontier.

Don’t forget that a crypto portfolio should be dynamic, once one of your assets booms make sure to take some profit of the top and invest in a undervalued coin or keep it in a stable coin in order to buy back the dips.

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