What is 1INCH?

1inch is a DEX (decentralized exchange) aggregator that connects multiple DEXes into one platform in order for users to find the most efficient swapping route across all DEX platforms. This way you will pay the best price for your crypto trade. 

A DEX aggregator works through sourcing liquidity over different DEXes. This provides them with the ability to source the best exchange rates for which you can swap your tokens. Additionally this also helps to make the crypto space stronger due to the deeper liquidity pools and more connectivity among different parts of the crypto market.

How to buy the 1inch token?

You can buy 1inch in many ways and on many different platforms. Some of the more commonly platforms with a wide range of payment options are:

You will first have to verify your identity and deposit money with one of the provided payment options. Then you can trade you currency for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


1Inch launched in August of 2020 after a the project raised 2.8 million dollar in funding from Binance labs, Galaxy Digital, Greenfield one Libertus Capital, Dragonfly Capital, FTX, IOSG, LAUNCHub Ventures and Divergence Ventures.

The launch was received with a lot of enthusiasm from the crypto community and was followed by another 12 million dollar in investments in december. After this swift start the token entered the 2021 Bullrun in which the trading volume and token price increased significantly. 

1inch token Circulation & distribution

The 1inch token is not intended to be a security or investment. The tokens are intended to be used to fuel the network. So you can receive tokens by providing liquidity, being eligible for air-drops and other ways that gets you involved with 1inch.

Check out this video if you want a short intro on the 1inch distribution: 1inch launch.

Why traders love 1inch


1inch is a groundbreaking and well developed piece of technology that pushes the crypto space in the right direction. The launch of the token has presented a well matured peace of innovative technology that has many milestones in sight.

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1inch (1INCH)

$ 0.502000


co-founder and CEO: Sergej Kunz
co-founder: Anton Bukov