What is VeChain?

VeChain is a blockchain platform that has been designed specifically to strengthen and support business processes & supply chain management for both small and big businesses. The platform knows 2 unique tokens; VeChain Token (VET) and VeChainThor Energy (VTHO). VET is used to transfer or send value whereas VTHO is used as its ‘gas’ to fuel smart contract transactions.

The VeChain Foundation was founded in Singapore by Sunny Lu in 2015, Lu is also the former chief information officer of Louis Vuitton China. 

VeChain already has many real-world business applications running on the blockchain, some view VeChain as a mature company that is well-established in its industry.

How to buy the VeChain?

You can buy VeChain in many ways and on many different platforms. Some of the more commonly platforms with a wide range of payment options are:

You will first have to verify your identity and deposit money with one of the provided payment options. Then you can trade you currency for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

How does VeChain work?

VeChain works by giving a unique identity to a physical product, this is commonly done through Radio Frequency Identification, QR-Codes or Near-Field Communication. Through the work of sensors, all information at every stage of the supply chain will be recorded and matched with the product’s identity. These sensors are designed by VeChain and created by manufacturers like Qualcomm or Bosch.

An example of how VeChain is used:


The food industry is paralyzed by inefficiencies in the supply chain because of frauds and scandals. Most of the problems affecting the food industry stem from the inherent lack of trust and transparency in the supply chain. Today, our food system does not meet the transparency and guarantees many consumers demand.

VeChain’s solution: 

VeChain’s food and beverage origin solutions enable participants in the supply chain to collaborate on a transparent and reliable data platform. By scanning the QR code on the desired product, consumers can obtain detailed information protected by the blockchain, including the source and composition of the product, geographic location, logistics information, inspection report and even temperature data. All of the data is stored in a temper-proof, decentralized manner on VeChain’s blockchain.

Other examples the VeChain blockchain is already used for are for healthcare records, anti-counterfeiting, and tracking carbon emissions.

VeChain’s goals and vision

VeChain believes that the transparency of global information exchange is the key driving force for business cooperation and lightning-fast value transfer. VeChain is committed to linking businesses, application users, smart contracts and infrastructure providers in a single ecosystem to ensure a symmetric and transparent information flow based on data digitization.

One example involves the use of VeChain to combat the proliferation of fake wine. Customers can use the smartphone app to scan the QR code of the bottle and carefully read the blockchain-verified winery details, grape type and Chinese customs declaration number. They can also see exactly when the bottles left the French warehouse and when they arrived in Shanghai. Other usage examples are luxury goods, automobiles, retail and logistics.

VeChain desires to create innovation to make life simpler for clients who need to purchase certified items with cash. VeChain’s objective of setting up organizations with varying backgrounds isn’t restricted to the guaranteed benefits it brings to the organization. In view of the utilization of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and label innovation, the objective of the undertaking is to make the stage go about as a storehouse for enrolled items and furnish clients with data about their genuineness and starting point, date of assembling, and capacity strategies. There is no chance of being sabotaged.

To accomplish this objective, the stage desires to give a progression of identifiers that are put away on its blockchain and give the state of the material as a RFID tag or QR code appended to the end result. As a component of the H&M design store pilot project, one of the pioneer executions of this innovation was dispatched. In the wake of checking the identifier, clients will have a genuine comprehension of the items they will utilize, accordingly improving their trust in explicit brands and assisting the specialists with preventing any manufactured counterfeit.

Source: Twitter 

To advance standard reception, VeChain desires to make its blockchain simple to send and use as a help. In light of this, VeChainThor is suggested as a powerful and secure foundation intended to give turnkey answers for organizations that have neither the time nor assets to build up their own comparable frameworks. VeChain has equipment and programming segments that exist along with an extensive organization of innovation and colleagues, and its inventive innovation is accessible to all members in the VeChain environment. Simultaneously, VeChain likewise gives admittance to a blockchain-as-a-administration (“BaaS”) stage called toolchain, which gives capacities identified with inventory network measure control, item lifecycle the board, information the executives, and certificate. ToolChain is planned as an entryway for small and medium-sized ventures that can be utilized to get to blockchain innovation without being thwarted by the absence of monetary assets needed for such relocation.

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