Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey auctions his first tweet using new crypto project

Jack Dorsey has auctioned off his first ever tweet made, the highest current bid is $2.5 million dollar. The tweet will be sold in the form of an NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

The Valuables platforms allow users to tag their tweets and then sell them through their marketplace. The auctioned tweets remain on Twitter, but the owners of the tweets keep the NFT as the only tokenized asset that exists on the Ethereum blockchain.

At the time of writing, Dorsey’s NFT maximum bid was $2,500,000. When Dorsey is satisfied with the offer, the auction will end.

Some offers that were made:

Binance CEO Zhangpeng Zhao also took advantage of this new project and posted his own tweet, which read: “If you sell BTC for less than $10,000, please lap yourself. “At the time of publishing, the highest bid was $121,000 worth of ETH. In the past month, irreplaceable tokens have been sold at high prices, especially those that represent digital art. Digital artist Beeple sold NFT at Christie’s auction house for $6.6 million. According to data from, the transaction volume of the entire NFT market in the past 7 days was slightly less than $43 million. CryptoPunks’ transaction volume this week reached 14.68 million U.S. dollars, creating the largest transaction volume.

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