10 best crypto youtube channels to follow in 2021 !

The Cryptocurrency space is a fast moving and complicated industry that can be overwhelming sometimes. That is why following a cryptocurrency youtuber is an excellent way to get educated, stay informed and understand the trends in the world of crypto.

We have compiled a list of some of the best crypto youtubers on the platform so you can start watching high quality, entertaining and  informative content. 

We selected Youtubers with a variety of styles and expertise so you can decide on which youtuber is perfect for you. Of course it’s always wise to get your information and education from different sources, so check them all out.

crash course crypto 10 best crypto youtubers to follow in 2021

Don’t forget that none of these Youtubers are financial advisers, so don’t take everything they say for granted and do your own research!

Why should you follow Crypto Youtubers?

Some reasons on why following youtubers is extremely beneficial as a crypto trader or crypto enthusiasts.
  • Measure the hype

    Youtube can give a unique insight by monitoring the views, comments and likes.

  • Influencer pumps

    What many people do not realise is that when a crypto Youtuber with a big following announces his or her support for a coin, the coin often pumps from the exposure alone. The crypto market is partly influenced by the attention it receives from influencers. Anticipating such events will give you an advantage.

  • Easy to understand coin and Market analysis

    As a youtuber it's important to serve a wider audience in order to generate more views and subscribers. This is why they often produce easy understandable information and analysis so even beginners can follow along.

  • Education

    Video content is for most people easy to digest, watching these youtubers is a fun and easy way to give your crypto knowledge a boost.

#1 EllioTrades Crypto

Ellio Trades is one of the bigger and fastest growing Crypto Youtubers and has a loyal community with a good reason. Ellio lays his focus on small cap Cryptocurrencies with high potential gains as well as higher risk. Even though Ellio makes videos about coins with a high risk profile, he does thorough research and rarely lets his followers down. His videos are well put together, easy to follow and very informative for beginners as well as advanced crypto users. He has made many 20x – 100x predictions and will probably continue to do so, therefore definitely a youtuber to keep in your scope.

#2 Ivan on Tech

Ivan Liljeqvist is a popular Swedish Crypto Youtuber with an extensive resume as Software developer, data scientist, educator, blockchain speaker and Influencer. He makes content from coin analysis and blockchain technology to Macro topics like politics and crypto adoption. 

He often organizes interviews with big figures in the crypto world and will surely keep you engaged with his high energy videos. From beginner to advanced crypto user, Ivan is a crypto veteran that you must follow.

#3 BitBoy Crypto

Ben Armstrong (Bitboy), the head of the Bitsquad was a lesser known crypto youtuber but has managed to become the biggest youtube channel in crypto. With at the time of writing over 600k subscribers and a high following on his socials he has definitely captured his influence. . 

Unlike other crypto youtubers he is less focussed on tech development but more about the financial aspect of cryptocurrency. He will keep you up to date on the latest news, the potentially good investments and above all, how to make money in crypto. 

A big reason to watch Bitboy crypto is to get hyped about the possibilities crypto offers small time investors, he knows what he is doing which is reflected by his rapid growth.

#4 DataDash

DataDash has been marked as the YouTube king of crypto for a long time after he started his channel in 2017. His main content is involved with bitcoin and the political and technological developments that come with it. 

His watchers can enjoy content like Fundamental and Technical analysis, developments in blockchain technology and economic insights. This unique Youtube heavyweight is definitely a must watch.

#5 Box Mining

Michael Gu has a very well put together channel with easy to follow content about trading, Blockchain technology and breakdowns of market trends. His aim is to make Cryptocurrency easy to understand for everyone which he is doing successfully. He is less focused on giving signals, trading tips and get rich quick advice but more about the innovative move that crypto brings upon us. 

Box Mining is the perfect guy to introduce beginners into the crypto space and will keep you up to date on all groundbreaking blockchain solutions out there. Check him out and see for yourself !

#6 Crypto Zombie

Crypto zombie is known for its cryptocurrency reviews and Bitcoin news updates. He provides easy digestible content with the focus on the market leaders btc and Ethereum but also does interviews, ICO presentations and some altcoin analysis.

The content is very technical and requires some understanding of technical anlysis so might not be the best pic for a beginner. He has not been growing as fast as other channels but is surely a good youtuber to keep your eyes on.

#7 Lark Davis

Lark Davis is a humorous Crypto and stock trading Youtuber and great entertainer. His videos are easy to follow and very informative, the perfect place to get into the world of cryptocurrency in a playful manner. 

He makes good use of his vocabulary by explaining complicated topics in a easy to understand manner. His content consists of explanations about the inner workings of different cryptocurrencies, industry developments, Market analysis, News and much more. A place to learn about crypto in an entertaining fashion.

#8 Altcoin Daily

The brothers Aaron & Austin Arnold present themselves in a very grounded due. In their bio the state “We are not internet gurus. We are everymen and our channel is for the everyman!” which is a good attitude as a crypto influencer. The brothers are very Bullish on Bitcoin but provide a lot of Altcoin content for they see alts as an opportunity to grow their bitcoin stack.

Their content consists of industry and market analysis, education, interviews, perspective and opinions. It is also worth mentioning that they are one of the biggest crypto Youtube channels on the platform with over 550k subscribers.

#9 The Moon

This youtuber is perfect for all the bitcoin lovers out there. Carl Martin started his youtube channel in december 2017 during the last Bullrun like many other youtubers. He is all about Bitcoin and rarely touches the subject of altcoins. 

In his videos, he combines technical & fundamental analysis to make predictions and give a complete image of the market to his viewers. He lays the emphasis on combining the 2 types of analysis and tries to make his content suitable for beginners.

#10 Aantonop - Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Andreas is one of the biggest names in crypto and truly made it his mission to become a top educator in the crypto industry. He aims most of his research on Ethereum and Bitcoin but is a big advocate on the Blockchain in general. 

He is not the biggest youtubers but definitely a heavyweight that knows what he is talking about. He has a special place on our list for he is one of the view youtubers that has a more nuanced approach to and focuses a more on the technology and education part than the financial gains that come with it.

Dangers of Crypto Youtubers

When following along with a big youtuber people often see them as an authority and without a lot of knowledge you might take every piece of advice as a fact. But remember, Crypto is a highly speculative market and Youtubers often act in their own interest.

You can often see crypto youtubers referring to their accurate predictions and how they told everyone that this was going to happen, but it rarely happens that they talk about their mistakes and failed predictions.

Bullish behaviour

Earlier in the article we talked about how influencer pumps can be helpful, which they often are. But don’t be mistaken, this can also work against you. During a bullrun youtubers often tend to create clickbait titles and hype up the market in order to get more views and keep the coins pumping, for this keeps their engagement up. The same goes for coins with a small market cap, the crypto content creators buy coins after which they might bring out a video talking about their potential. This will result in a pump of which the influencers benefit. This does of course not mean that the coins don’t have potential and many Youtubers want the best for their subscribers but it is always wise to think for yourself and do your research. 

So in conclusion; Use the valuable information that is available on youtube but dont follow blindly and do your own research!

If you do not agree with the lineup in this article or you want other Youtubers to be featured? Send us a message via our about page or one of our socials, we are always happy to talk to readers. This line-up was not compiled from small to big, good to bad and there are more great content creators to be added.


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