Best free crypto Sign-up bonus (2021)

Earning Free crypto by utilizing todays competitive crypto industry.

You might be skeptic, but it’s true. You can earn free cryptocurrency by signing up to exchanges or other crypto platforms. Many crypto services are willing to compete for your attention and are willing to give away money to do so. So why not take advantage of this?

In this article we will list all the legit free crypto sign up bonuses and where to receive them.

The following methods have all been successfully tested by CCC

Available crypto Sign-up bonuses


Binance sign up bonus

5-10% Kickback on fees (lifetime).

Sign up using the Binance referral code JSYCALNB and receive a lifetime of 5-10% fee kickback. This means that with every transaction a portion of the paid fees will be refunded. These are small numbers but add up in the long run.

coinbase sign up bonus crash course crypto

Coinbase sign up bonus

10$ Free Bitcoin

Sign up with the Coinbase referral link and after purchasing 100$ of crypto you will receive the free btc within a week. After receiving your bonus you can withdraw you funds however you like.

sign up bonus crash course crypto sign up bonus

25-50$ Free sign-up bonus

Sign up using Referral code 5mc7m3mvnn to receive 50$ free crypto. You will have to verify your identity (kyc) in order to receive the money and lockup 1,000 CRO (about 150$) to reserve a debit card.

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