How to create and sell your own NFT (MetaMask + OpenOcean)

Not sure what NFTs are or want ot learn more? check out this article

Digital art is innovating at a rapid pace and NFTs are likely to be the future for most people working in the creative industry. In this Guide we will cover everything you need to know on creating and selling your own NFTs.

What you need to create your own NFT;

How to create NFTs?

Contrary to what you might think, making your own NFT does not require a lot of technical knowledge. There are many services and marketplaces that offer the possibility to create your own NFT artwork or collectible by following simple steps and clicking some buttons.

The following actions need to be done;

  1. Set up a wallet
  2. Buy or transfer ETH
  3. Connect your wallet to the marketplace
  4. Mint your artwork

What type of digital art can be a NFT?

Almost anything digital can be a NFT here is a list of all file formats that are supported (on OpenSea); JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, MP4, WEBM, MP3, WAV, OGG, GLB, GLTF. 

These formats can produce the following Media types

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • 3D Models

Step #1 Set up your wallet

In order for you to create a NFT you need to have a crypto wallet to store your funds and your NFTs. This wallet will be your login information and proof that you are the owner of the NFT(You are identified as the owner by your wallet address, not by name). 

There are many wallets you can choose from so we have selected a couple widely used and safe wallet;

In this Guide we will make use of the MetaMask Wallet. It is super easy to set up.

#1 First go to the chrome webstore to add the MetaMask extension. This extension will also work on other browsers (e.g. Brave, firefox, chromium)

Chrome MetaMask extension

Chrome metamask crash course crypto

#2 If a popup shows up just choose “Add extension

#3 Next up you can get started and create a new wallet

(MetaMask might ask you to let them track your data; that’s up to you)

#4 Once the wallet has been created you will have to create a password, go ahead and fill in your password. You will always be able to retrieve your account by using the seed shown in the next tab.

New to metamask create new wallet crash course crypto
MetaMask create a password

#5 MetaMask will ask you to save your Secret Backup phrase (seed) and it is really important to keep this safe. This is where all your crypto and NFTs will be saved, if you lose this you lose all the assets it contains.

After confirming your Secret backup Phrase your wallet will be ready to use.

MetaMask secret phrase

Step #2 Purchase some Crypto (ETH)

There are many ways to buy ETH, you could purchase it from a friend with cash, directly in MetaMask or purchase it from one of the many online exchanges. We have selected 2 mainstream exchanges you can purchase some ETH from. You might be hesitant to set up an account on an exchange but if you are to sell your earnings from your NFT sales you would need an exchange to deposit crypto on your bank anyways, so let’s get started.


Coinbase is exchange oriented towards beginning crypto users and supports a wide variety of payment methods. We have created a guide for you in which you can follow the signup process step by step How to create a Coinbase account


Binance is a trading platform that is a little more advanced but also supports a wide range of payment methods. We have created a guide for you in which you can follow the signup process step by step How to create a binane account


You can purchase ETH directly from MetaMask by clicking on the buy button located underneath your balance. You do require a debit card for this

metamask UI crashcoursecrypto
metamask buy crypto crash course crypto
purchase ETH metamask

Once you have purchased your Ethereum you can send these to your MetaMask wallet. You can do this by copying your Ethereum address which is located under your account name in the MetaMask wallet. If you can not figure it out you can make use of the guides underneath.

How to send crypto using Coinbase
How to send crypto using Binance

Make sure you send it to the correct address!

Step #3 Set up Your NFT Marketplace account
(Connect your wallet)

Now your wallet is all set up and filled with precious ETH we can continue with connecting to the platform. For this guide we’ll be using OpenOcean, one of the biggest and easy to use NFT Marketplaces at the moment. 

Go to the OpenSea Marketplace

And navigate to the top right corner where you can click on “My Profile”. From here you will need to connect your wallet, make sure to select MetaMask.

Opensea sign up crash course crypto
OpenSea Connect your wallet crash course crypto

Creating your NFT

Note: Every time you edit something regarding your NFT or NFT collection you will need to sign this within your MetaMask Wallet.

Via the menu you can navigate to my collections (create > my collections) where all your collections will be displayed.

create new collection opensea crashcoursecrypto
MetaMask Signature Request

#1. Create your collection

From here you can click on create to start a new collection.

After your collection has been created you can start configuring your collection; Add your commission which is a fee you collect when a user resels your artwork and add a website or socials in case you have someplace where you feature your works besides the market place.

add item opensea crash course crypto

Click on the edit button to
edit your collection

#2. Add Your Artwork

Once your new Collection has been added to your account you can continue by clicking on “Add New Item”. Upload your High resolution artwork and configure the appropriate settings. Everything from here on is pretty straight forward and explained clearly. 

note: the prices are set in ethereum or the crypto you might select. you can check the current ETH price on this page: Ethereum (ETH)

Once everything is set just press on the Post Your Listing button to continue. Here you will first need to sign the request again, after signing the request you will be asked to pay a gas fee. This is required to mint your token in the Ethereum Blockchain.

add and sell NFT opensea crash course crypto
NFT minting gas price MetaMask crsh course crypto

Congratulations, you have created your first NFT. 


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