Rockstar & entrepreneur makes big investment in Cardano (ADA) – Here is why

Kiss band member and entrepreneur Gene Simmons recently made a big investment on the sixth largest Cryptocurrency after which he tweeted to his almost million followers why he thinks that Cardano (ADA) has potential.

In a tweet the famous musician stated that he had purchased 300 thousand dollar worth of cardano at 0.90$.

“I just bought $300,000 of CARDANO (ADA). I’m not a Financial Analyst and I’m not telling U to buy or not to buy. Simply letting U know what I am doing and what I believe in. Why? Because I believe it’s going up..and it’s always up to you to research &  decide.”

Gene simmons buys cardano

Continuous support

He continued to elaborate on his purchase as he stated that Cardano (ADA) is more affordable for the small investor. 

He also stated that the Cardano backing from the co-founder of Ethereum has supplemented his decision.

Since the purchase cardano has shot up with over 20% to 1.10$ and has likely a long way to go this Bullrun. Simmons tells his followers to do their own research but implies that he thinks Cardano is a solid investment opportunity.

The singer has a history in crypto, in 2020 he made a multi million dollar investment in Bitcoin and has made purchases in Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC).

“Bitcoin I bought seven-figure months ago. It’s been very good to me. Do I believe it’s going even higher than the recent record breaking surges? You bet!”

As we see more and more influencers joining and supporting the Crypto movement there is a strong base for a long and fruitful BullRun.

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